Danièle Bourcier

Danièle Bourcier, Senior Researcher in C.N.R.S. was the lead (with Paul Bourgine, CREA,  cole Polytechnique) of the National Research Project “Law and Complex systems” (2004-2007). She is at the head of the scientific department « Administration, Law and IT » at the Centre de recherche en sciences administratives (CERSA)-University of Paris II, lead of the national network on Law & Information systems since 2003, Docteur d’Etat in Law (1988) she teachs Theory of Law and Modelization in several universities.

Scientific interest:  Artificial Intelligence and law, Legal knowledge Management, Law and Complexity, Copyright and Open access

Current research fields: public data  and  patrimonial Commons,  neural networks applied to judge’s decision, legal ontologies and legal language, co-evolutionary dynamics of law, legistics, serendipity in law and public policies.

Chair of the conference in Legal Knowledge  and artificial intelligence (JURIX 2003),  Co-Chair of Jurix 2006. Lead or participants in several European projects (COMMUNIA, Trustnet-in-action, LEFIS-Socrates). Editor of many volumes including Technology and legal
Practice, Symposium Issue (Syracuse Law Review, 2002) and  Legal knowledge and Information systems, Jurix Proceedings, (IOS Press 2003).

Derniers ouvrages:
Intelligent multimedia, Managing creative works in a digital world (collectif), EPAP, Firenze, 2010
De la sérendipité dans les sciences les arts la technique et le droit (avec P. van Andel)  L’Act Mem, Chambery 2009